KL Hi-Tech features advanced levels of physical security in its entire facility campuses by DEPLOYING STATE-OF-THE-ART DEVICES AND METHODS to ensure this in all stages of the manufacturing process.

At KL Hi-Tech,“secure operations” is considered to be a professionally and technically serious activity - be it employee physical security or logical/data security of customer data. Leading-edge physical security measures adopted are CCTV cameras (perimeter as well as inside the factory), 24x7 active surveillance, perimeter fencing over boundary wall, turnstile card access to all areas and access provided on need basis.

Moreover, the entire premise is manned by a fleet of trained security guards who perform background verification of personnel. Also, functional training is imparted on a continual basis to staff on various aspects in all relevant areas.

Data networks are safeguarded by using state-of-the-art firewalls with periodic security audits conducted by certified third-party agencies. All customer data stay encrypted during transmission, storage and processing, and is securely deleted once processing is completed. Various networks within the organization are logically segregated with multiple firewalls, with stringent adherence to the access control matrix.