As a logical derivative of the crucial ideology that all business operations need to be secure and fool-proof, uncompromising security has indeed come to stay as the order of the day. KL Hi-Tech Secure Print Limited - a corporate business house headquartered in Hyderabad, India, has always responded to this all-important demand for requisite parameters in security printing. Industrial sectors that require such security regulations in the printed deliverable have found the perfect solution and timely answer in KL Hi-Tech’s technological and entrepreneurial prowess.

KL Hi-Tech’s operations evolved from humble beginnings in the year 1986 - printing security forms and confidential documents for Government treasuries, banks, election commissions, educational institutions, boards and universities - and have grown to a commanding market presence today, serving a host of customers across the entire gamut of the Indian and global industries.

KL Hi-Tech’s business ideology revolves around the prime objective of providing comprehensive, fool-proof security in critical print products for government-run institutions and agencies and, for private industrial/business enterprises as well.

Despite such a trail-blazing growth and performance, the Company has never rested on any of its laurels... with an undying inner drive to achieve excellence and zero-defect, KL Hi-Tech constantly breaks new frontiers through applied thought and innovation. Small wonder then, that in its sprawling manufacturing facility that spans over 75000 sq. ft., stringent global quality standards and GMP are a way of life for every single person - from the top management down to the last employee. Bearing ample testimony to this fact is the top-notch range of its final products that leaves the facility to reach scores of satisfied clients in India and the world over.